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This company has been 4 years in the making?founded by Ed Gibson. Gibson is from the UK (musician and owner of The Apple with 40 cider taps) and first came to Austin in 2010. Dreamed up the craft cider concept (no good ciders in the US!) and started making cider in a little facility just outside of Austin and, in October 2013, the dream became a reality when the company officially launched with Brown Distributing. Gibson found Mark on LinkedIn as where he had the concept, he has no knowledge of distribution, wholesalers, chains, laws, etc. The company did 30,000 CE?s in 2014 and is on track do over double that in 2015 (projected 85k cases in Texas). All of this, without even being in c-store channel; and not having launched their other sku?s Today they are the #1 draft cider in the market (50 handles vs. angry orchard?s 47). In 150 on premise accounts. Just launched Texas Honey locally in Austin. Retail distribution started in April 2014 with 4-pack cans. Outselling angry orchard?s 6 pack in terms of points of distribution. 800 accounts with cans. Dallas they are in 150 accounts (CLARIFICATION: is this retail only or both on and off?)OVERALL BUSINESS ASSESMENT: they are doing GREAT in Austin, but what does that mean outside of Austin? Thus the focus on finding someone based in Dallas?Dallas is the next horizon (currently doing less than 1000 CE?s in Dallas?.mainly because they haven?t closed chains).CURRENT DISTRIBUTION:In Austin - Whole foods, Total Wine, Specs, Goody-Goody?authorized in a few Krogers. In Dallas ? Wholefoods, Total Wine, certain Spec?s and Goody?also Market Street locations. ** not in Safeway, Walmart or any convenience (i.e. Valero or Quik Trip or Race Trak).DISTRIBUTORS:Brown in S. TX Andrews in N. TX
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